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Murder, jail, escorts and drug addicts... we chart the dramatic falls from grace of the stars from America’s Next Top Model

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Now marvin antm Murder, jail,

Murder, jail and prostitution: the dark side of ‘America’s Next Top Model’

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Now marvin antm 'America's Next

Now marvin antm Where is

Are Marvin and Renee Still Together? America’s Next Top Model Update

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Are Marvin and Renee From 'ANTM' Still Together? Details on the Couple

I just see this as another part of yourself, and people enjoy it.

  • I'm not for dragging people out of the closet, but when you are that blindingly obvious about it it is to be expected.

  • Taking home the title in 2005, the North Dakota native beat Nik Pace and frenemy Bre Scullark.

  • The star now works as a host for Music Choice Play.