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Love bites tumblr 5sos Preferences

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Love bites tumblr loving lilies

i want a little sugar in my bowl

Love bites tumblr 5sos Preferences

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Love Bites

I thought it was adorable when she would turn her head when she ate, using her hair as a shield to prevent me from observing her carnivorous endeavors.

  • Yoongi: Yoongi had brought home some of his baby photos to show you after your weeks of requesting them.

  • The way her forehead and eyebrows move and how she curls and bites her lips is unbearably cute.

  • It's been about a year since I began dating the most incredible girl in the world.

Louis Tomlinson (from tumblr)

Calum struggled to speak through his laughter, opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water.

  • The group's well-seasoned abilities, the members' increasing reach and 's excellent production make shine.

  • You pushed him away, finally rolling him off of you as you pulled your shirt back up.

  • It makes me feel protective of her, especially when she falls asleep in my arms with her head on my chest.

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