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Lucy (2014)

Film lucy cat The LUCY

Film lucy cat Lucy (2014

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Film lucy cat While You

Lucy (2014 film)

Lucy van Pelt

She has freckles and wears pink lipstick.

  • On the day of their departure, in the train station, Lucy keeps the two from breaking into a brawl by lying that Erza is approaching.

  • Curious, and wanting to gain the experience, she chooses to tag along with Natsu.

  • When Mest takes the new guild master Erza into the underground chamber containing the Lumen Histoire, Lucy, Wendy, Gray, and Natsu are found to be following them.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Lucy updates Wendy that they're bringing back the guild, and exchanges information regarding Makarov's disappearance and the Newly Formed Magic Council.

  • She is the deuteragonist of , one of the three main protagonists alongside and of , and one of the main protagonists of.

  • Virgo replies, telling Lucy that all of her memories are gone, and attacks Lucy with her whip.

  • Natsu asks her about Celestial Spirits which prompts Lucy to explain the basics of her magic and summons her newly bought 'Canis Minor', a snowman like creature that initially is called Nicolas which gains Natsu and Happy's pity but ends up with the name, Plue.